Monday, October 6, 2014


The country of Liberia is in Africa on the west side of the continent.
Liberia has a very interesting history, because it was founded in 1820 by some Americans who wanted to end slavery. They sent freed slaves from America to Liberia to help have freedom in Africa.

The Liberian government was made to be just like America with a President, Congress and Judges.

(from: wikipedia - liberia)

Liberia's flag looks a lot like America's flag, because of their history of colonizing by America.

(from: wikipedia - flag of liberia)

To eat in Liberia you might have rice, fish or hot peppers.
Some of the food and recipes in Liberia come from the South in the USA.

(from: wikipedia - liberian cuisine)

Liberia has rainforests with wild animals, and also a long coastline with beaches on the ocean.

(from: wikipedia - liberia)

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