Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Circulatory System

We just learned about the Large Intestine that helps digest food.

We've learned a lot about the human body already!

We've learned about all of the bones called the skeletal system, all of the muscles called the muscular system, the way we breathe air, called the respiratory system, and the way our bodies use up our food, called the digestive system.

Another system in our body is the one that pumps all the blood through our bodies.
That is called the circulatory system or cardiovascular system.

The word circulate means to move things around, like the blood going to all the places in your body.
The word cardio means the heart, and the word vascular means the veins and arteries that pump the blood.

Next time we'll start learning about the heart, the veins and how all the parts of the cardiovascular system work.

(from: wikipedia - circulatory system)

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