Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Spider Chelicerae

We just learned a little about Spider Eyes.

Another part of the spider's cephalothorax is called the chelicerae.
(sounds like kell iss er ee)

Some spiders chelicerae are very easy to see, like the bright green color of the jumping spider Phidippus audax.

(from: wikipedia - chelicerae)

The cheliserae is the part where spiders have their fangs.
The fangs are connected to venom glands. Venom is the poison in a spider's bite.

If you look up close, a spider's fangs look like a needle. They have a very sharp end that has a tiny hole in it.
They poke their prey like a fly or mosquito with their fangs, then inject them with venom just like a needle giving a shot.

Spiders can bite with their fangs and choose how much venom to use. They can just do a dry bite with no venom, or a little venom, or a whole shot of venom.

(from: wikipedia - chelicerae)

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