Monday, November 3, 2014


We just learned about the US State of Arizona

Another state in the US is Arkansas.

This state is toward the south but not all the way to the ocean.
It's nickname is The Natural State, and it's motto is The People Rule.
The state name comes from an old Native American word meaning People of the South Wind.
The state Kansas comes from the same old Native American word too!

(from: wikipedia - arkansas)

The state flag of Arkansas is red, with a big diamond inside of it.
The diamond has a blue border, and is white on the inside, and there are 25 small white stars inside the blue border.
Inside the white diamond are 4 more blue stars, and the name ARKANSAS.

The 25 white stars are for Arkansas being the 25th state added to the USA.
The blue star above the word ARKANSAS is because Arkansas was part of the Confederacy in the civil war.
The 3 blue stars below are for a few reasons, but one very interesting one is that Arkansas has been part of Spain, part of France, and then part of the US.

(from: wikipedia - arkansas)

The state seal has the words Great Seal of the State of Arkansas.
The inside has a picture of the Angel of Mercy, the Sword of Justice and Goddess of Liberty, with a bald eagle.
There is also a steamboat, plow, beehive and wheat.

(from: wikipedia - arkansas)

There is a large cave in Arkansas called Blanchard Springs Cavern.

(from: wikipedia - blanchard springs cavern)

Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the US was from Arkansas.

(from: wikipedia - bill clinton)

One of the most famous musicians named Johnny Cash was from Arkansas.

(from: wikipedia - johnny cash)

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