Saturday, March 28, 2015

Charles IV of Spain and His Family - Francisco Goya

We just learned about the famous painting No. 5, 1948 by Jackson Pollock.

Another famous painting is Charles IV of Spain and His Family by Spanish painter Francisco Goya in 1801.

Goya became a famous painter in Spain and the royal family liked his art so much they hired him to do some family portraits.

The painting of Charles IV and his family is interesting because many people believed that his wife Louisa was really in charge, so Goya painted her to be in the middle of the painting.
He also painted them in very fancy expensive clothing, to show how rich they were.
The lighting in the painting shows that although the family is in light right now, there is a dark shadow coming toward them.

Many people were not happy with the kings and queens, so that is why Goya painted them with the queen in the middle, wearing rich and fancy clothes that no one else could afford, and a shadow coming toward them meaning they would not be kings and queens for much longer.

Goya also painted himself in the painting in the back left in the dark, standing at an easel.

(from: wikipedia - charles iv of spain and his family)

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