Saturday, March 14, 2015

Little Dancer of Fourteen Years - Edgar Degas

We just learned about the work of art The Snail - By Henri Matisse.

Another famous work of art is a sculpture called Little Dancer of Fourteen Years made by French Edgar Degas in 1881 in Paris.

Degas was famous for making paintings, sculptures, prints, and drawings.
Many of his paintings were about ballet dancers, and this statue is of a young girl who was a ballet student in Paris.

The statue is made of wax, and has a real shirt, tutu and slippers, and even has a wig made of real hair.
When he made the statue, he started off with some lead pipes all connected together to act like a skeleton so he could make the wax body and it wouldn't fall apart.
A metal skeleton like the one he made is called an armature.

Some people looked at the little girl and thought she was uncomfortable trying to put her body in the right ballet pose, and others thought she looked beautiful because she was a young girl trying to be the best dancer she could.

(from: wikipedia - Little Dancer of Fourteen Years)

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