Monday, March 23, 2015


We just learned about the state of Minnesota.

Mississippi is a state in the south of the US, with the Atlantic ocean to the south.

It's nicknames are The Magnolia State and The Hospitality State.
It's motto is Virtute et Armis which means By valor and arms.

(from: wikipedia - mississippi)

The flag of Mississippi has red white and blue stripes, and it has the confederate flag in the top left corner.
It's the only state in the US that has the confederate flag on it.

(from: wikipedia - flag of mississippi)

There are a bunch of islands off the coast of Mississippi and Florida, called the gulf islands because they are right on the gulf of Mexico. The biggest one by Mississippi is Horn Island.

(from: wikipedia - horn island (mississippi))

On one of the gulf islands called West Ship island, there is a military fort called fort Massachusetts, built in the 1800s to protect America from attacking ships.

(from: wikipedia - fort massachusetts (mississippi))

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