Sunday, June 7, 2015

Jesus restores Peter

We just learned about when Jesus appeared to Thomas.

When Jesus was being taken to be crucified on the cross, people saw Peter and said that he was a follower of Jesus.
Peter was scared that they would kill him too just for knowing Jesus so he said he didn't know him.

Jesus had told Peter even before he was arrested that Peter would deny him three times before the rooster crowed.
After Peter had told people he didn't know Jesus three times, he heard a rooster crow.
He felt very sad about saying that because he loved Jesus, he was just too afraid.

When Jesus had come back to life after the cross, he was talking to Peter.
Jesus asked if Peter loved him.
Peter said yes that he does.
Then Jesus said to feed his sheep.

He did this three times in a row, to show Peter that he forgave him for denying him three times.

He told Peter to feed his sheep because he wanted him to tell the whole world about Jesus.
Peter became one of the first leaders for churches that followed Jesus words.

(from: wikipedia - restoration of peter)

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