Saturday, June 13, 2015

Primavera - Botticelli

We just learned about the work of art The Fox Hunt - Winslow Homer

Another famous work of art is Primavera by Italian artist Sandro Botticelli in 1482.

This painting is showing people from stories long ago, where seasons like spring and fall were powerful magical people.

On the right the person in dark is Zephyrus, the cold wind from March.
He is colored dark and scary because of the cold hard days sometimes in March.

Next to him is Flora, the first wind of Spring, and you can see flowers coming out of her mouth.
Next to Flora is Primavera who stands for all the flowers and life of Spring.

After Flora comes Venus, who is like the Queen in the back watching over everyone.
There are three women dancing together who are known as the Graces, who are for beauty and nature.
Above the Graces is cupid, ready to shoot his love arrows at them.

Last on the left is Mercury, and he is holding up a staff that is keeping the garden safe from clouds.

Since this painting is trying to tell a story, many people for many years have talked about it, and even had arguments about which person stands for what, or what the whole painting means.

(from: wikipedia - primavera (painting))

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