Monday, June 1, 2015

North Dakota

We just learned about the US state of North Carolina.

North Dakota is a state on the north part of the US, bordering Canada to the north.
It's nicknames are the Peace Garden State, Roughrider State, Flickertail State.
It's mottos are Liberty and Union, Now and Forever, and One and Inseparable.

(from: wikipedia - north dakota)

The flag of North Dakota looks a lot like the Great Seal of the US, with the eagle and a banner on it.

(from: wikipedia - flag of north dakota)

The seal of North Dakota has a tree in a field surrounded by wheat, a plow, an anvil a sledge, a bow with arrows, and a Native American on horseback chasing a buffalo.

(from: wikipedia - seal of north dakota)

North Dakota was made a state in 1889, at the same time as South Dakota. When they signed the papers to make them both states, they didn't want to pick one to be first, so they shuffled up the papers so nobody knew which one was signed first.
North Dakota is usually listed as the 39th state and South Dakota as the 40th, but really they both tied for 39.

(from: wikipedia - north dakota)

There are many people from Norway living in North Dakota, so they made a museum that has a big church made to look like an old church in Norway, and a viking ship inside that is a copy of one of the oldest viking ships ever found.

(from: wikipedia - hjemkomst center)

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