Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Iliac Veins

We've now learned about all of the veins that come up from the foot and up the leg.

The Plantar and Dorsal digital veins in the toes go up to the Metatarsal Veins and Dorsal venous arch in the foot.
The Great Saphenous Vein goes all the way from the ankle up to the pelvis.
The Small Saphenous Vein goes from the ankle up to the Tibial and Fibular veins in the lower leg, to the Popliteal Vein in the knee, and then the Femoral Vein in the thigh.

All of those veins bring deoxygenated blood from the toes up and out of the legs.

After the legs, the blood goes to the iliac veins in the pelvis area right above the legs.

(from: wikipedia - external iliac vein)

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