Monday, September 7, 2015

West Virginia

We just learned about the US state of Washington.

West Virginia is a state on the eastern part of the US.

It's nickname is the Mountain State because of the Appalachian Mountains, and it's motto is Montani semper liberi which means Mountaineers Are Always Free.

(from: wikipedia - west virginia)

The flag of West Virginia has a blue border and a white background, and the state seal in the middle surrounded by a wreath of the state flower rhododendron.
The seal has a boulder with the date June 20, 1863 when they became a state, two crossed rifles and a liberty cap above it to show that the state fights for freedom, a farmer on the left and a miner on the right.

(from: wikipedia - flag of west virginia)

West Virginia used to be one state together with the state of Virginia, but during the Civil War, the state split

(from: wikipedia - west virginia)

There are many caves in West Virginia, like Organ Cave.

(from: wikipedia - organ cave)

There is a very long bridge over a gorge in West Virginia called New River Gorge Bridge.

(from: wikipedia - new river gorge bridge)

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