Monday, September 14, 2015


We just learned about the US state of West Virginia.

Wisconsin is a state in the midwest part of the US, bordering two of the Great Lakes, Superior and Michigan.

It's state nicknames are the Badger State and America's Dairyland.
It's state motto is Forward.

(from: wikipedia - wisconsin)

The flag of Wisconsin is blue with the state seal on it.
The state seal has the a badger, a plow, a pick and shovel, and arm and hammer, an anchor, a sailor, a miner, a cornucopia and lead ingots.

(from: wikipedia - flag of wisconsin)

Wisconsin is one of the top producers of milk and cheese in the country, and they are so well known for their cheese that some people call people from Wisconsin "cheeseheads". The people from Wisconsin thought that was funny so they made hats shaped like a piece of cheese.

(from: wikipedia - cheesehead)

The Dells of the Wisconsin River is an area with many beautiful rock formations.

(from: wikipedia - dells of the wisconsin river)

Noah's Ark is the largest water park in the US with 51 waterslides!

(from: wikipedia - water park)

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