Monday, October 19, 2015

Northern Mariana Islands

We just learned about the US Territory of Guam.

Another US territory is the Northern Mariana Islands, which are north of Australia.

(from: wikipedia - northern mariana islands)

Their flag has a blue background, with a white star, a latte stone and a decorative wreath.

(from: wikipedia - flag of northern mariana islands)

Latte stones are large cut stone pillars that are from very old times.
Many people believe they were used to hold up large houses for the important people on the island.

(from: wikipedia - latte stone)

Pagan island is one of the islands in the territory, and people used to live there until the volcano erupted.
Now it is an empty island with a volcano.

(from: wikipedia - pagan island)

Anatahan is another island in the territory that is empty because of the volcanic eruptions.

(from: wikipedia - anatahan)

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