Monday, October 5, 2015

American Samoa

We've looked at the 50 states in the US, and Washington D.C..

There are also places called US territories, that are kind of like states except some of them can't do things like vote for president or some other laws.

One of the territories is called American Samoa.
It is out in the Pacific ocean, between Hawaii and Australia.

Their motto is "Samoa, Muamua Le Atua" which means Samoa, Let God Be First.

(from: wikipedia - american samoa)

The flag of American Samoa is red white and blue with a bald eagle on it.
The bald eagle is holding a Samoan uatogi war club for the power of the government, and a Samoan fue fly-whisk for the wisdom of the Samoan leaders.

(from: wikipedia - flag of american samoa)

The seal of American Samoa has the fue fly switch, the To'oto'o staff for the chiefs, and the Tanoa bowl for service to the chief.

(from: wikipedia - seal of american samoa)

There are tattoos there called pe'a for boys and malu for girls.
The boys get tattoos all the way from their back down to their knees.
The girls get tattoos from their thighs to their knees.

(from: wikipedia - pe'a)

There is a special fire dance in American Samoa called the siva afi, or fire knife.

(from: wikipedia - fire knife)

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