Monday, October 12, 2015


We just learned about the territory of American Samoa.

Another American territory is Guam.
Guam is in the Pacific ocean, north of Australia.

(from: wikipedia - guam)

The flag of Guam has a blue background, a red border, and the seal in the middle.
The seal is shaped like a type of stone called a Chamorro sling stone, which was used for hunting.
On the seal are a coconut, a boat called a proa, a palm tree, a river and the Agana Bay.

(from: wikipedia - flag of guam)

There is a high place on the island overlooking the ocean called Puntan Dos Amantes.

(from: wikipedia - guam)

There is a peninsula on the island that sticks out and makes an area called Apra Harbor that is very nice for ships to travel in and out of.

(from: wikipedia - apra harbor)

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