Friday, March 18, 2016

Italian - The chair is small

We just learned that in Italian to say this house is big you say Questa casa è grande.

Let's learn about more things we see every day.

To say The chair is small, we say La sedia è piccolo

We can break it up into four words:
The - La - sounds like lah /?/
chair - sedia - sounds like say-dee-ah /?/
is - è - Sounds like ay /?/
small - piccolo - Sounds like pee-koh-loh /?/

So all together La sedia è piccolo sounds like lah say-dee-ah ay pee-koh-loh.

academy of the bran
(from: wikipedia - accademia della crusca)

In German:
Der Stuhl ist klein

In Spanish:
La silla es pequeña

In French:
La chaise est petit