Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Nervous System

We learned last time about the Heart Wall - Pericardium.

We've learned about the skeletal system (bones), the digestive system (eating & drinking), the respiratory system (breathing) and the circulatory system (blood & heart).

Let's learn about the Nervous System!

The nervous system is what controls your body and sends messages all over telling it what to do.

Your brain is part of your nervous system, and there are things called nerves that go all through your body that are almost like electric wires.

The brain sends out a message over these nerves to something like your hand, and your hand moves.
If you get hurt, the nerves send messages to the brain saying OUCH!

Everything from getting hungry to feeling tired to telling your legs when to jump is controlled by your nervous sytem.

(from: wikipedia - nervous system)

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