Friday, March 4, 2016

Italian - We are surprised

We just learned that I am happy in Italian is Sono felice, you are sad is Sei triste, he is angry is Lui รจ arrabbiato and they are excited is Sono eccitati.

Let's learn how to say We are surprised.

Siamo sorpresi.

We can break it up into two words:
We are - Siamo - sounds like see-ah-moh /?/
surprised - sorpresi - Sounds like soh-d-p-day-see /?/

So all together Siamo sorpresi sounds like See-ah-moh soh-d-p-day-see.

academy of the bran
(from: wikipedia - accademia della crusca)

In German:
Wir sind begeistert

In Spanish:
Estamos sorprendido

In French:
Nous sommes surpris