Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Indian Cobra

We just learned about Emerald Tree Boa.

Another type of snake is the Indian Cobra, also known as the naja naja, spectacled cobra, asian cobra or binocellate cobra.
This type of cobra lives mostly near India.

When this snake gets upset, it has a hood on the sides of it's head that it will flare out to show it is angry.

(from: wikipedia - indian cobra)

On some of these types of cobras, there is a marking on the back of their head that looks like a pair of glasses or spectacles.

Many people in India used to do something called snake charming, where they kept a cobra in a basket and then played a flute to get the snake to stand up and dance.
The real secret was the way the flute moved around to make the snake look at it.

Because these snakes were handled so much by people, they are one of the snakes that has bit people the most of any species.

(from: wikipedia - indian cobra)

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