Friday, April 1, 2016

Italian - Your food is hot

We just learned in Italian:
this chair is small is La sedia è piccolo,
and my drink is cold is La mia bevanda è freddo.

Let's learn about more things we see every day.

To say your food is hot you would say Il vostro cibo è caldo..
We can break it up into four words:
ear essen ist ha-ees Your - Il vostro - sounds like eel voh-st-doh /?/
food - cibo - sounds like chee-boh /?/
is - è - Sounds like ay /?/
hot - caldo - Sounds like kah-l-doh /?/

So all together Il vostro cibo è caldo sounds like mine eel voh-st-doh chee-boh ay kah-l-doh.

academy of the bran
(from: wikipedia - accademia della crusca)
In German:
Ihr Essen ist heiß

In Spanish:
Tu comida está caliente

In French:
Votre nourriture est chaud