Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Akita Inu

We just learned about the type of dog called the Basenji

Another type of dog is called the Akita Inu
Long ago the Akita was used to hunt bear, wild boar and deer. It would go into the woods to try and push the animal to where the hunter was, and just keep the animal busy until the hunter could attack it.

The Akita dogs are very loyal to their masters.

One very famous story is about an Akita dog named Hachikō.
Every day Hachikō's master would go ride the train, and every day Hachikō would walk with him to the train station, and then wait there for him to come home.
One day his master died before he could come home, but Hachikō still waited at the train station for him.
He went home to eat and sleep, but then came back to the train station to wait for his master, and waited for him for nine years until he finally died of old age.
There is now a statue of Hachikō at that train station to honor his loyalty.

(from: wikipedia - akita (dog))

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