Friday, April 21, 2017

ASL - Her hands are soft

We just learned in ASL how to say Our table is short

Let's learn how to say Her hands are soft.
To say her, you put your flat hand in a B shape with your fingers pointed up, and push your palm out away from you and off to the right, like you are pushing someone away.

To say hands, you put your right hand up in front of you in a B shape, with your fingers pointed up and your thumb pointed toward your face.
Put your left hand in a B shape, and put your fingertips on your right forearm, with your thumb pointed toward your face.
Bring your right hand in and them circle your hands around each other, and put them back into place.

Here are some helpful videos to show how these signs are done.

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(from: wikipedia - american sign language)

Italian: Le sue mani sono morbide

German: Ihre Hände sind weich

Spanish: Sus manos estan suaves

French: Ses mains sont douces