Friday, April 7, 2017

ASL - Their car is tall

We just learned in ASL how to say My Food is Hot

Let's learn how to say Their car is tall.
Remember to say they, you point your finger off to the side and draw a small circle in the air.
Their is just like that, but instead of pointing your finger you wave your open hand in that area.

To say car, hold your hands in front of you in fists side by side like you are holding a steering wheel, and move them like you are turning the steering wheel left and right.

To say tall, put your right hand up by your forehead almost like a salute, and then move your hand forward and up, like you are showing how tall someone else is.

Here are some helpful videos to show how these signs are done.

car - ASL sign for car - My Smart Hands

TALL - Height | ASL - American Sign Language - ASLtree

(from: wikipedia - american sign language)

Italian: La loro auto è alto

German: Ihr Auto ist groß

Spanish: Su coche es alto

French: Leur voiture est haut