Friday, April 14, 2017

ASL - Our table is short

We just learned in ASL how to say My Food is Hot

Let's learn how to say Our table is short.
To say "our", you use your open hand, touch your chest on the left side and then make an arc out and back in to your right side.

To say "table" put your arms out in front of you, bent at the elbows, fingers pointing to your left and right, and palms facing down. Almost like you are crossing your arms in front of you, or like a genie granting a wish.
Put your right arm over your left arm, and tap your arms together twice.

To say "short" is like saying tall, but you put your hand lower.
So put your open hand out in front of you, fingers pointing forward and palm facing down.
Move your hand a little almost like you're patting someone short on the head.

Here are some helpful videos to show how these signs are done.

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(from: wikipedia - american sign language)

Italian: Il nostro tavolo รจ breve

German: Unser Tisch ist kurz

Spanish: Nuestra mesa es bajo

French: Notre table est courte