Monday, February 26, 2018

Quintana Roo

We just learned about the Mexico State of Zacatecas.

Another Mexico State is Quintana Roo.

This state is on the eastern part of the bottom of Mexico, on what is called the Yucatan Peninsula.
It borders the Atlantic Ocean on the east, and the country of Belize on the south.

(from: wikipedia - quintana roo)

The coat of arms shows the four elements that were important to the Mayan people, Day, Night, Earth and Wind.
The day is the sun at the top, the night is the star on the middle right, the earth is the snail on the middle left in the red, and the wind is the bottom.

(from: wikipedia - quintana roo)

The city of Cancun is one of the most popular places for people to visit and enjoy the beaches.

(from: wikipedia - cancun)

Another famous beach and tourist place is Playa del Carmen

(from: wikipedia - playa del carmen)

In the city of Tulum, there are many castles and ancient ruins.

(from: wikipedia - tulum)

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