Monday, February 19, 2018


We just learned about the Mexico state of Durango.

Another Mexico state is Zacatecas.

This state is right in the middle of Mexico.
It is known for the mining of riches like silver, and for being an important place in Mexico's battle for freedom.

(from: wikipedia - zacatecas)

The coat of arms has the Cerro de la Bufa hill with a cross on top of it, and a bunch of soldiers standing around a statue of the Virgin Mary.

(from: wikipedia - zacatecas)

There is a large hill with a rock formation on top that is called the Cerro de la Bufa.
It was an important place in many battles, and some important churches and other places have been built around it.

(from: wikipedia - cerro de la bufa)

Just like many other parts of Mexico, there are ancient ruins, like Las Columnas in the city of La Quemada.

(from: wikipedia - zacatecas)

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