Friday, March 16, 2018

Greek - The chair is small

We just learned that in Greek to say this house is big you say Αυτό το σπίτι είναι μεγάλο (Aftó to spíti eínai megálo).

Let's learn about more things we see every day.

To say The chair is small, we say Η καρέκλα είναι μικρή (I karékla eínai mikrí)

We can break it up into four words:

The - Η (I) - sounds like EE

chair - καρέκλα (karékla) - sounds like kah-RAY-klah

is - είναι (eínai) - Sounds like EE-nay

small - μικρή (mikrí) - Sounds like mee-KREE

So all together Η καρέκλα είναι μικρή sounds like EE kah-RAY-klah EE-nay mee-KREE.

center for the greek language
(from: wikipedia - center for the greek language)

ASL: This chair is small

Italian: La sedia è piccolo

German: Der Stuhl ist klein

Spanish: La silla es pequeña

French: La chaise est petit