Monday, April 9, 2018

Baja California Sur

We just learned about the Mexico state of Colima.

Another Mexico state is Baja California Sur.

This state is a peninsula, just south of the Mexico state of Baja California.
It has the Pacific Ocean to the west, the Gulf of California to the east.

(from: wikipedia - baja california sur)

The coat of arms of Baja California has four fish on the outside, and a seashell in the middle for the sea around the state.

(from: wikipedia - baja california sur)

The town of Cabo San Lucas is a very popular place to visit, and has a beautiful rock formation called the Arc at Land's End.

(from: wikipedia - cabo san lucas)

The most famous beach at Cabo San Lucas is Medano, where lots of tourists come to visit.

(from: wikipedia - cabo san lucas)

In the town of La Paz, there is a rock that looks like a tall mushroom now, because the water has washed away the bottom of it.
It is a popular place to take pictures, and some people climbed up on the rock for a picture and it broke and fell down.
Because it was such a famous rock, the town put it back up and fixed it with some cement.

(from: wikipedia - la paz, baja california sur)

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