Sunday, April 1, 2018

Philip the Evangelist

We just learned about Saint Stephen, one of the Seventy Disciples.

Another of the seventy is Philip the Evangelist.

An evangelist is someone who goes out and tells other people about Jesus.

Philip traveled to many lands like Samaria and helped tell people about God's word and Jesus, and baptized people.
The Bible says that in Samaria people followed a man named Simon who some people believed was a sorcerer.
When Philip came to Samaria and told them all about Jesus, even Simon believed him and many people in the town became believers.

Later Philip was on the road to another town and met someone from Ethiopia who was trying to understand God's word but was having troubles.
Philip helped explain things to him, and then that Ethiopian went back to his country and helped spread God's word.

Because Philip helped spread God's word like this, he was known as Philip the Evangelist.

(from: wikipedia - philip the evangelist)

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