Thursday, April 19, 2018

Greek - Her hands are soft

We just learned in Greek our table is short is Το τραπέζι μας είναι σύντομο (To trapézi mas eínai sýntomo).

To say her hands are soft you would say Τα χέρια της είναι μαλακά (Ta chéria tis eínai malaká).
We're really saying "The hands hers are soft".

We can break it up into five words:

The - Τα (Ta) - sounds like lay tah
hands - χέρια (chéria) - sounds like CHAY-dee-ah
hers - της (tis) - sounds like tee-ss
are - είναι (eínai) - sounds like EE-nay
soft - μαλακά (malaká) - sounds like mah-lah-KAH

So all together Τα χέρια της είναι μαλακά (Ta chéria tis eínai malaká) sounds like tah CHAY-dee-ah EE-nay mah-lah-KAH.

center for the greek language
(from: wikipedia - center for the greek language)

ASL: ASL: Her hands are soft

Italian: Le sue mani sono morbide

German: Ihre Hände sind weich

Spanish: Sus manos estan suaves

French: Ses mains sont douces