Sunday, July 29, 2018

Aristobulus - Bishop of Britain

We just learned about Stachys - bishop of Byzantium, one of the seventy disciples.

There are some people on the list of seventy that we don't know much about, other than them being listed, or a name being mentioned once in the Bible.

Barnabas, bishop of Heraclea
Phygellus, bishop of Ephesus. He was of the party also of Simon.
Hermogenes. He, too, was of the same mind with the former.
Demas, who also became a priest of idols.

Another of the seventy we know a little more of is Aristobulus - bishop of Britain.

He is believed to be the brother of the apostle Barnabas, and traveled around with the apostles Paul and Andrew.
In his travels he went on to the British islands to tell people about God.

Many people think of him as the first one who helped bring Christianity to Britain.

(from: wikipedia - aristobulus of britannia)

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