Saturday, July 28, 2018

Gouji Zibai Pan

We just learned about the Li Gui.

Another famous Chinese sculpture is the Gouji Zibai Pan, made in 816 BC in China.

Just like the other bronzes we've learned about, this is a famous sculpture because it helps tell the history of China from long ago.

The Guoji Zibai pan is the largest ancient bronze pan sculpture in the world.
It is shaped like a bathtub, 15 inches high, 54 inches long, 34 inches wide, and weighs 475 pounds.
There are rings on the sides held by sculptures of beasts with the rings in their mouth.

The pan was made by the nobleman Gouji Zibai who was a soldier for King Xuan.
After he won some very important battles, the King threw a big party to celebrate.
To help remember the victory, the pan was made.

The pan could have had many uses, like holding water for washing hands and faces, or for a bathtub for people to wash in.
It could also have been used to hold ice cubes, but no one is really sure what it was used for.

(from: wikipedia - gouji zibai pan)

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