Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Hylobates Gibbon

We just learned about the Hoolock Gibbon.

Another type of gibbon is the Hylobates Gibbon also called the Dwarf gibbon.

This type of gibbon all lives in southern China or the island of Java in Indonesia.
Hylobates means "forest walker" which makes sense because these gibbons can climb through the trees very fast.

There are 17 different types of hylobates gibbons, from the Lar gibbons with white feet and hands, to the Bornean white bearded gibbon with a big white fluffy beard.
Some gibbons like the silvery gibbon have grey silvery fur, and then some are like the Pileated gibbon where the males have black fur and the females have white fur.

All of the gibbons have a kind of beard around their face, but these 17 different hylobates gibbons all look a little different and usually live in different places.

Lar gibbon:

(from: wikipedia - lar gibbon)

Bornean White-Bearded Gibbon:

(from: wikipedia - bornead white-bearded gibbon)

Agile Gibbon:

(from: wikipedia - agile gibbon)

Müller Gibbon:

(from: wikipedia - müller gibbon)

Silvery Gibbon:

(from: wikipedia - silvery gibbon)

Pileated Gibbon:

(from: wikipedia - pileated gibbon)

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