Friday, February 26, 2021

Swahili - We are surprised

We just learned that in Swahili I am happy is Nina furaha,
you are sad is Una huzuni,
he is angry is Ana hasira,
and they are excited is Wanafurahi.

Let's learn how to say We are surprised.

Tunashangaa - Sounds like too-nah-shah-n-gah - 文A

(from: wikipedia - swahili language)

Russian: Мы удивлены (My udivleny)

Norwegian: Vi er overrasket

Greek: Είναι έκπληκτοι (Eínai ékpliktoi)

ASL: We are surprised

German: Wir sind begeistert

Spanish: Estamos sorprendido

French: Nous sommes surpris