Saturday, February 6, 2021

Untitled - Larry Bell

We just learned about the sculpture of Throwback by Tony Smith.

Another famous American sculpture is Untitled by Larry Bell, made in 1964 in Washington DC.

Bell was born in Chicago, Illinois and moved to Los Angeles, California where he grew up studying art and wanted to work for Disney some day making animations.

He was famous for making abstract art that was very simple and made people stop and think about his art.
The Untitled sculpture that he made in 1964 was made of metal like gold, and was made in a cube shape on top of a clear stand.

He made a lot of his sculptures with mirrors and glass, so that people would walk around them and look under, over and around all sides.
Part of the idea of his art was watching how people looked at it in different ways and came up with different ideas for what it meant.

(from: wikipedia - larry bell (artist))

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