Saturday, June 5, 2021

Double Negative - Michael Heizer

We just learned about the 43 Roaring Forty by Carl Andre.

Another famous work of American Land Art is Double Negative by Michael Heizer, made in Nevada in 1969.

Artist Heizer was born in California in 1944, and became famous for making art that looked at positive and negative, and art where there is an empty space with something missing, or if something is there.

In the the desert in Nevada, he took a big rock and carved out two big trenches, each one 30 feet wide, 50 feet deep and 1,500 feet long.
He removed 244,000 tons of rock to make these trenches.

In between the trenches is a canyon, so it is like a long trench, then a big missing place where the canyon is, and then it connects to the other trench.

244,000 tons of it to make a trench.
There are canyons on either side of the trench, so it just looks like there is a big piece missing from this rock.

The artwork is called "Double Negative" with negative meaning missing. Because the trenches are like holes that are missing rocks, and then there is a missing space between the trenches, that is double missing or double negative.

(from: wikipedia - double negative (artwork)

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