Monday, June 28, 2021


We just learned about the country of North Korea

Let's learn a little about the country of Kuwait!

Kuwait is a small country in the middle east that borders Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and the Persian Gulf.
People in Kuwait speak the Arabic language.

It is about 6,800 square miles, and over 4 million people live there.
Even though many people live in Kuwait, only about 1 million of the people living there are actually citizens of Kuwait.
The other 3 million are people who are from other countries, that have come to Kuwait to work.

(from: wikipedia - kuwait)

The flag of Kuwait is a black trapezoid on the left, next to sideways stripes of green, white and red.
Black is for the winning battles, green is for the land, white is for purity, and red is for the blood of warriors who died fighting for Kuwait.

There are lots of shapes on other flags like diamonds, circles and stars, but Kuwait is the only flag with a trapezoid on it.

(from: wikipedia - flag of kuwait)

To eat in Kuwait you might have Balaleet, which is a breakfast made with sugar, cardamom, rose water, saffron noodles and eggs.

(from: wikipedia - balaleet)

Visiting Kuwait you might go to Sea City, which is a city in Kuwait that was built by digging canals into the ground to make a fake shoreline where 250,000 people built houses on the water, without being right on the persian gulf.

(from: wikipedia - sabah al ahmad sea city)

In Kuwait they have the largest dhow ever built, called the Al-Hashemi-II.
A dhow is a type of sailing ship, and this one is 274 feet long.

(from: wikipedia - al-hashemi-ii)

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