Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Northern Plains Gray Langur

We just learned about the Zanzibar Red Colobus.

Another type of Old World Monkey is the Northern Plains Gray Langur, also called the sacred langur, or hanuman langur.

This monkey can grow to over 2 feet long, and weigh about 40 pounds.
They have mostly light colored fur on their body, but their back, arms, legs and face are all black.

People in some parts of the world worship these monkeys as they believe they were part of some magical battles long ago.

These monkeys mostly live in India, and can either live pretty much anywhere from forests to dry lands.
Groups of these monkeys live together, sometimes over 100 monkeys living together.
To eat these monkeys mostly have fruits and leaves, and sometimes bugs.

Some people keep these monkeys as pets like guard monkeys to scare away other types of monkeys they don't like.
They also are friendly with a type of deer called the chital deer, where they will work together to help warn each other of predators.

(from: wikipedia - northern plains gray langur)

Northern plains gray langurs relaxing and playing around - JPR Photo and Video

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