Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Diademed Sifaka

We just learned about the Woolly Lemur.

Another type of lemur is the Diademed Sifaka, also called the simpona, ankomba joby, or propithecus diadema.

These sifakas are very large, growing to weigh around 6 kilograms, and about 105 centimeters long, with a very long tail.
They are very colorful, with long soft silky fur.
Diadem is another word for crown, and these lemurs are called diademed because they have a circle of white fur around their face that looks like a crown.
They have grey backs, black hands and feet, and golden legs and taile.

Like other lemurs these primates live mostly in the trees, but they travel a long distance every day to try and protect the land they call home.
With their big strong legs, they can climb through the trees at 30 kilometers per hour, and will go over 1.5 kilometers every day.

If there is danger, the diadamed sifakas will make a sound like a kiss and a sneeze combined.

(from: wikipedia - diademed sifaka)

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