Tuesday, January 18, 2022


We just learned about the Wing of the Nose.

Another part of the nose is the Nostril also called the naris.

The nostrils are the holes in the front of the nose, right above the mouth.
We use our nostrils for breathing in, breathing out, for blowing our nose when it gets stuffed up, and for smelling food.

The nostrils on the outside of the face are called the external nostrils, or anterior nares.
There are actually other nostrils further inside your nose that help bring the air and smells into your body.

Some people can actually flare out their nostrils, and make the holes get bigger and smaller!
Inside the nostril are around 1,000 hairs, and maybe if you have a stuffed up nose there might be nasal mucus (sometimes called snot) or dried nasal mucus (sometimes called boogers).

(from: wikipedia - )

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