Monday, July 11, 2022


We just learned about the country of Argentina

Let's learn a little about the country of Bolivia!

This country is in South America, and borders Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile and Peru.
It is about 1 million square kilometers, and about 12 million people live there.
The people in this country speak Spanish.

(from: wikipedia - bolivia)

The flag of Bolivia is red, yellow and green, with the coat of arms in the middle that has a llama and some wheat and some other things.
Red is for the blood of the heroes of Bolivia, yellow is for wealth, and green is for nature.

(from: wikipedia - flag of bolivia)

To eat in this country you might have pique macho, which is beef, with potatoes, onions, peppers, eggs, mustard, mayonnaise and ketchup.

(from: wikipedia - pique macho)

Visiting this country you might go see Salar de Uyuni, which is the largest salt flat in the world, at over 10,000 square kilometers.
A salt flat is a big flat area where the ground is made of hard packed salt.

(from: wikipedia - salar de uyuni)

Sol de Mañana is a place with pools of sulphur, boiling mud lakes, and steam that sprays up to 50 meters high in some places.

(from: wikipedia - sol de mañana)

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