Monday, July 18, 2022


We just learned about the country of Bolivia

Let's learn a little about the country of Brazil!

This country is in South America, and borders all of the countries in South America except Ecuador and Chile.
It is about 8 million square kilometers, and about 217 million people live there.
The people in this country speak Portuguese.

(from: wikipedia - brazil)

The flag of Brazil is green with a yellow diamond in the middle, and a blue circle with a white stripe on it.
Green and yellow are for the old emperor of Brazil, the blue circle with stars is for the starry night sky over Rio de Janeiro on the night of the country's independenc, and the words across the middle of the blue circle say "Ordem e Progresso" which means Order and Progress.

(from: wikipedia - flag of brazil)

To eat in this country you might have feijoda, which is a kind of stew made with beans, beef and pork.

(from: wikipedia - feijoda)

Visiting this country you might go see the 98 foot tall Christ the Redeemer statue, made by artist Paul Landowski in 1931.
It is a status of Jesus with his arms stretched out 92 feet wide, looking over the city of Rio de Janiero.

(from: wikipedia - christ the redeemer (statue))

In the national park called Serra dos Órgãos, there is a rock called Dedo de Deus, which means finger of God.

(from: wikipedia - serra dos orgãos national park)

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