Sunday, March 5, 2017


We just learned about the person from the Bible named Saul.

Another person from the Bible was David.

After Saul had made God angry, Samuel went out to pick a new King for Israel.
Samuel went to the farm of a man named Jesse, and God picked the youngest of his eight sons, a boy named David to be the new king.

David went to work for King Saul, and went Saul was not feeling well he would play his harp, also called a lyre, to help him feel better.

One day the people of Israel were in a battle with the Philistine people, who had a giant warrior named Goliath.
Everyone was afraid to fight Goliath, except David, because David had faith that God would help him beat Goliath.
They tried to give him armor, but he said that God would protect him.
David took a rock and used his slingshot to throw it at Goliath and killed him, and won the battle for God.

Later on David was the king, and he won many battles for God's people.
He also wrote many songs which are in the book of Psalms.

One day David was up on the roof of his palace, and he looked over and saw a woman bathing.
He knew that he should not be looking at her, but instead of looking away he told his servants to go get the woman and bring her to him.
She was married to someone else, so this was a very bad thing that David did.
God was very angry with David for taking someone else's wife, since he was king and had so many wonderful things already.

David ran away and begged God for forgiveness, and that made God happy, so he let David's son Solomon become king after David died.

(from: wikipedia - david)

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