Sunday, March 12, 2017


We just learned about the person from the Bible named David.

Another person from the Bible is Nathan.

During the time of King David, there was a woman that King David took away named Bathsheeba.
Bathsheeba was married to someone else, and so it was very bad that David took her away, but he was the king so no one could tell him no.
God sent the prophet Nathan in to tell David a story about a rich man who had lots of sheep, but he stole his poor neighbor's only sheep.
He used this to explain to David that when he stole Bathsheeba, he did the same thing to her husband.
David felt very bad and asked God for forgiveness.

Later when David's son Solomon was ready to be King, Nathan was the prophet that announced he would be king.

(from: wikipedia - nathan (prophet))

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