Saturday, March 4, 2017

Portals at Chartres Cathedral

We just learned about the PĆ³rtico da Gloria.

After the Romanesque time of sculptures, a new type of sculpture came around, called Gothic.
This was a lot like the Romanesque, but the statues and buildings were taller, had more windows, and were more pointed to the sky, like they were celebrating heaven.

One type of Gothic sculpture was the large sculptures above doorways, called portals at the Chartres Cahtedral.
There were three different entrances to the Cathedral, and each of them had three arch ways full of sculptures.
From the tympanum over the doorway, to the pillars holding the doorway up, there are hundreds of sculptures.

They all tell many stories from the Bible, from King Solomon, to John the Baptist, to Mary the mother of Jesus.

(from: wikipedia - chartres cathedral)

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