Monday, July 17, 2017

New Brunswick

We just learned about the Canadian province of Nova Scotia.

Another Canadian Province is New Brunswick.
It is on the east coast of Canada, right by Nova Scotia.

(from: wikipedia - new brunswick)

The flag of New Brunswick has a gold lion on a red background, above a picture of a viking ship with a yellow background, sailing on blue and white striped water.

(from: wikipedia - flag of new brunswick)

The coat of arms of New Brunswick has a leaping fish called a salmon, sitting on a golden helmet with maple leaves and St. Edward's crown. These are all pictures meaning royalty.
Below that is a shield with the flag of New Brunswick on it.
Under the shield are purple violets, and a fern called the fiddlehead.
Next to the shield are white tailed deer wearing collars made of beads from the Maliseet native people, and they have badges for both the United Kingdom and France.

The motto at the bottom is "Spem reduxit" which means "It has restored hope".

(from: wikipedia - coat of arms of new brunswick)

There is a small island in New Brunswick called Miscou Island that has a three story light house, built in 1856.

(from: wikipedia - miscou island lighthouse)

One group of French settlers in Canada are known as the Acadians.
Many Acadians were forced to leave Canada and go live in the southern part of the United States, but some Acadians still live in New Brunswick.
They have holidays to remember the Acadian people, and they wave around noisemakers called tintamarre during parades.

(from: wikipedia - tintamarre)

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