Monday, July 31, 2017

Prince Edward Island

We just learned about the Canadian Province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Another Canadian province is Prince Edward Island, also called PEI.

The province is known mostly for it's farming, and makes about 25% of the country's potatoes.
It is made up of one big island and 231 smaller islands.

(from: wikipedia - prince edward island)

The flag of PEI has the English lion on it for Prince Edward, and an island with three small oak saplings for the three counties of PEI, and a big oak tree for Great Britain.

(from: wikipedia - flag of prince edward island)

The coat of arms of PEI has a shield with lion for England, over the oak saplings for the island counties and the large oak for Great Britain.
Above the shield is a blue jay holding a sprig of red oak.
On either side are silver foxes, which were farmed for their fur in PEI, and they are also thought to be very wise.
One fox is wearing a fishing net, and the other one is wearing potato blossoms.
Below the shield is a blue Mi'kmag star for the sun, with roses for England, lilies for France, thistles for Scotland, shamrocks for Ireland and Lady's Slippers for PEI.
The motto is Parva sub ingenti which means "the small under the protection of the great".

(from: wikipedia - coat of arms of prince edward island)

The land of PEI is known for its natural beauty, red dirt and red rock.

(from: wikipedia - prince edward island)

There is an 8 mile long bridge connecting PEI to New Brunswick.
It is the longest bridge over icy waters.

(from: wikipedia - confederation bridge)

Charlottetown is the largest city in PEI, known for it's harbor and fishing.

(from: wikipedia - charlottetown)

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