Monday, July 24, 2017

Newfoundland and Labrador

We just learned about the Canadian province is New Brunswick.

Another Canadian province is Newfoundland and Labrador.
This is the province in the most north and east part of the province.

The Newfoundland part of the province gets its name from the Portuguese explorers, and the Labrador gets its name from the Portuguese explorer João Fernandes Lavrador.

(from: wikipedia - newfoundland and labrador)

The flag of this province is blue, white, red and yellow, and is shaped like the union jack flag of Great Britain.
On the left side, the blue is for the sea, and the white is for the snow and ice.
On the right side, the red white is for the struggle of the people, and the gold is for their confidence in the future.

(from: wikipedia - flag of newfoundland and labrador)

The coat of arms of this province has a caribou at the top, above a shield with the lion and unicorn for England and Scotland.
On the left and right of the shield are Beothuk people, who are the indigenous people of Newfoundland.
At the bottom is the motto Quaerite prime Regnum Dei, which is from the Bible Matthew 6:33, "Seek ye first the kingdom of God."

(from: wikipedia - coat of arms of newfoundland and labrador)

St. John's is a big city in Newfoundland, where they have the oldest annual regatta in North America.
It also has Cabot Tower, where the first wireless message was sent across the Atlantic Ocean.
And there is a row of colorful houses that is nicknamed Jelly Bean Row.

(from: wikipedia - st. john's, newfoundland and labrador)

Long ago when the Norse people came into Newfoundland, they lived in what are called Sod Houses, meaning that they lived underneath dirt houses covered in grass.

(from: wikipedia - l'anse aux meadows)

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