Thursday, July 6, 2017

Water jet cutting

We just learned about Electrical Discharge Machining.

Another way to work with metal is water jet cutting.

A water jet cutting tool takes water and squirts it at super high speeds at a piece of metal, and the water is going so fast that it actually cuts the metal.

The tool that makes the water go fast actually uses a jewel like a sapphire, ruby or diamond to make a really small hole for the water to go through.
Water jets can be used to cut anything from glass, to rubber to wood or metal.

Sometimes if the water needs to cut something really hard the water gets mixed up with small pieces of hard crystals like garnet or aluminum oxide, and it gets rougher.
You can think of that like if someone mixed sand up in a squirtgun and shot it at you, it might sting more than just water in a squirtgun.

(from: wikipedia - water jet cutter)

(from: wikipedia - water jet cutter)

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